Day one! My first post for Ok! Magazine online

MY STORY (O1/10/15)

Well hello there ladies,

I want to introduce myself.

My name is Laura Saull and I’m your typical 27-year-old girl.

Hi! I'm Laura[OK]

Hi! I’m Laura[OK]

I love hanging out with my friends, I adore shopping and have a mild addiction to Urban Outfitters, and I like indulging in a cheeky glass of prosecco (…or 4!).

But unlike most girls my age, I have a very scary secret – I’m fighting a savage breast cancer which has spread to my bones and my ovaries.

I'm currently fighting a savage breast cancer that has spread to my bones and ovaries [OK]

I’m currently fighting a savage breast cancer that has spread to my bones and ovaries [OK]

I was first diagnosed October 2013, a decade after my mum died of breast cancer, aged just 42.

I’d been to the doctors after finding a lump on my breast 6 months earlier, but they said I was too young to have cancer and that my anxieties surrounding my mum’s death were causing me to worry more than necessary.

I accepted it. But the lump grew bigger and I was terrified the doctors had missed something.

I loved a night out with friends before I got cancer[OK]

The GP referred me to hospital for testing and within a week I was diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 3 breast cancer.

I was told I needed chemotherapy, radiotherapy and to have both my breasts removed. Two days later they said I’d never be able to have children.

I lost all my hair [OK]

The next few months were hard.

Chemo was a bitch. Like a REAL bitch.

Drugs, drugs and more drugs [OK]

Drugs, drugs and more drugs [OK]

I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. The pain was unbearable.

I hadn’t cried much when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but in the darkest moments of chemo I remember crawling on the floor tears clutching onto my dad like a baby and begging him to make it stop.

On one of my worst days [OK]

I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and lived in constant fear of my cancer returning. But I was told that was incredibly unlikely, so I tried my best to get back to living my life for me.

I got a job, dated a bit, and even went on a fab girls’ holiday with my bessies to Ibiza.

A night out with friends [OK]

A night out with friends [OK]

Then, last month I was rushed to hospital after taking a funny turn. I’d been feeling ill for a few weeks but my doctors didn’t seem concerned.

But after running some tests, they told me my cancer was back and that I had secondary tumours in my bones and my ovaries.

Not only was my cancer now stage 4, because it hadn’t been picked up sooner I had a killer infection and there was fluid on my lungs and my heart.

Losing my hair [OK]

Now, I’m facing another 18-week course of chemo and a kick-arse battle ahead of me to get better.

But I’m determined to do it. I will do it.

Now I'm back on chemo [OK]

Now I’m back on chemo [OK]

Living with breast cancer is one of the hardest thing any woman will ever go through and I want to do everything I can to ensure no one else EVER has to go through this hell.

Throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ll be posting brutally honest daily blogs on OK! Online about my battle.

I’ll telling you everything, from how much pain I’m in and how much I’m eating, to how I’m coping emotionally and what effect my cancer is having on my friends and family.

I hope to inspire, raise awareness and offer support to other women in doing so – and to tell you all what it’s REALLY like living with breast cancer (trust me, there’s a lot of s*** they don’t tell you about chemo).

Battle face on [OK]

Battle face on [OK]

You can keep up to date with my posts here and follow me on Instagram.

And please do get in touch. Friendships are the brightest beacons in my darkest days.

Love Laura xx [OK]

Love Laura  [OK]

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