Day 11: A visit from an old friend

Hey guys,

I woke up this morning with awful anxiety and I couldn’t breathe.

Sam tried to calm me down in the usual way but it wasn’t enough so he called down to my friend Susie who is a nurse and was staying with us the night before to help.

She got me some medication but it didn’t seem to work too well.

My breakfast: Carrot juice and meds [OK]

My breakfast: Carrot juice and meds [OK]

After what felt like hours I managed to get it under control with Sam rubbing my back and telling me: “You’ll be OK.”

We had to get up quite early this morning because my friend Sarah was coming up from London to see me on the train. Susie went out to pick her up from the train station and Sam helped me get ready for when she arrived.

At first I wanted a bath so Sam ran me one. But once I stood in it, I realised I didn’t have the strength to sit down and then get myself back up so I showered instead (once again with the sexy arm cover on).

We had just got ready when Sarah arrived. I was so happy to see her as I hadn’t seen her since June when we went on a girls’ holiday together.

Sarah and I in june [OK]

Sarah and I in june [OK]

Me and Sarah have such a special relationship. Even when we haven’t seen each other for months it only ever feels like days.

We just sat for hours chatting about life and laughing. I think it was a little reassuring for Sarah to see me as well, because she hadn’t seen me since I fell poorly again. Sam headed out whilst me and the girls chatted and saw his friends.

Unfortunately Sarah couldn’t stay long and after she left I already started to miss her.

But I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for hours.

Sarah brought me some beautiful flowers [OK]

Sarah brought me some beautiful flowers [OK]

When I woke up Sam and Susie said I had been having conversations with them that made absolutely no sense. I’m guessing that’s a side effect of all the medication prescribed.

Me and Sam went to bed after Susie left and had some alone time.

We have been so busy lately and it’s so important to us to keep up our little night time chats.

We talk about how we’re going to do the cottage up we’re moving into and what we want to do when I beat this awful disease.

We love this time together more than anything and it really does keep us sane. Then it was back to reality, meds and bed.

Love Laura,



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