Day 28

Hey guys,

I didn’t get much sleep last night due to these hot sweats. They seem to be getting worse and I feel hotter than the sun the majority of the night.

I finally got some sleep around 5am and woke to the dreaded sickness but the tablets worked this time so I felt brighter than I have in days.

It was a busy morning, first the day practitioner arrived from Dorothy House to introduce herself and do an assessment to see if I was eligible to attend weekly activities at Dorothy House such as physio, gym work and acupuncture so that Sam could have a day of rest from caring for me.

I know Sam finds it hard and so will I having this time apart. But it’s so important that Sam gets a break (even if he doesn’t want one) so she signed me up and I am actually a little nervous to attend and not have Sam by my side.

But I’m excited to to start getting my body and health back in shape. 

Then the district nurse arrived and explained that we will be under her care from now on.

She had a private conversation with Sam and explained that as a carer there are options are open to him.

She really stressed the importance of looking after himself and having someone to talk to.

I had some lovely visitors [OK]

I had some lovely visitors [OK]

I completely support this but I feel Sam is unsure. He has amazing friends that support him and we are both really blessed in that sense. 

We then had another knock at the door at a delivery man arrived with a very sexy commode (defo need a throw for that its awfully ugly) and a bath lift to help me get in and out of the bath – this will give me back a little independence. 

We then had a visit from Southampton. Mumma, Tich, Kelly and little Isla came to see us and it was just what I needed.

I love these visits. But time goes so quickly. We talked for hours and had some very questionable cake. But all too soon they had to go. 

After they left I made the decision to shave the rest of my hair off.

The very questionable cake [OK]

The very questionable cake [OK]

It’s crazy but this felt harder than the first time.

I will be honest, I do hate it. It makes me feel very different and I know it makes it obvious I am poorly.

but with the love and support from everybody it makes hurdles like this just that little bit easier.

I love my friends, family and blog readers for this. I wish I could explain how these simple acts of kindness makes life just that little bit brighter.

Love Laura,



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