Day 30

Day 30

Hey guys,

So yesterday was MY BIRTHDAY!

I woke up and we went through our normal routine of checking how I am.

I didn’t feel well but I was determined to soldier on.

We had a cup of tea and Sam decided it was OK to have Birthday cake at 9am. I couldn’t do it but he sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.

It's my birthday! [OK]

It’s my birthday! [OK]

Then it was present time. I had the most amazing presents! Sam had brought an Urban Outfitters show room to our bedroom – I couldn’t believe the thought he had put into my gifts – the man deserves a medal.

We got ready for the day and I used my new bath lift. Sam still has to help me in and out of the tub but it has given me a little more independence.

My friend Lucy arrived with more presents and we had a cup of tea and a catch up.

Then we decided to get out of the house for a while so with chair in tow we went and did a bit of shopping.

It was difficult as everywhere was rammed due to it being half term but it was nice to do something normal. But it was so tiring and we didn’t last long.

My hedgehog cake [ok]

My hedgehog cake [ok]

I miss these things.

When we got home I was very drained and my anxiety flared and I convinced myself that the fluid had returned on my lungs.

Sam had to talk me out of it. It took a while and it was difficult and we agreed that in the morning we would see how I was.

I needed my bed at this point. I checked all my birthday messages, opened more presents and cards and tried to thank everybody for their kind words and for making my birthday what it was.

Love Laura


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