DAY 5: In need of oxygen

I woke up this morning feeling like i’d been hit by a bus.

I felt sick, my nose was bleeding and my chest was very bad. I was struggling to breathe and I could hear  crackly sounds coming from my lungs.

Trying to shower with my oxygen [OK]

Trying to shower with my oxygen [OK]

I needed to use an oxygen tank for the first time since leaving the hospital just under 3 weeks before.  I am now coughing up clear liquid which I haven’t done before, but we’re wondering if this is a good thing – better out than in, right?

I also need oxygen just to walk up the stairs or to go further than a few feet walking. When we got back to Sam’s house, we just watched television and I slept for a lot of the day again, as I was feeling so awful, but I managed to stay up for The X Factor.

More nosebleeds today [ok]

More nosebleeds today [ok]

Sam has mentioned that the more I sleep, the more with it I am when I am awake, so its probably best for me to be getting more sleep than I have been.

On that note, I’m off to bed.

Love Laura,



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