Day 6

When I woke up this morning I was surprised to find myself connected to an oxygen tank – Sam had to put it on for me in the night as my breathing was so bad.

I’m already feeling anxious as today is the day that I have my bloods taken to make sure I am well enough to have chemotherapy on Tuesdays. 

We were told to arrive early but I had absolutely no energy due to my bad chest/chemo combination. It took everything in me just to have a shower and get ready.

I've been struggling to breathe [ok]

I’ve been struggling to breathe [ok]

I then had to walk down the stairs with an oxygen tank on, as I can start to panic when my breathing gets too short. 

We had breakfast and I took my medication and then headed off to the hospital to have my bloods done, as well as asking to see a doctor due to my chest again. 

When we arrived, it took us around half an hour to find a parking space and then Sam had to go into the hospital to get me a wheelchair – which was equally as hard to find.

He helped me into it and then wheeled me into the hospital. 

When I’m in the chair, everybody stares at me and I always feel so embarrassed. 

Sam has been my rock [OK]

Sam has been my rock [OK]

Inside the waiting room I just wanted to sleep – the journey from the car to the waiting room was exhausting.

After I’d had my bloods taken, I waited to see a doctor about my breathing. It took an hour and a half to be seen but I was finally sent for a scan on my chest early afternoon.

It turns out I have a chest infection – which means I can’t have chemo this week and I need antibiotics to clear it up. 

On the one hand I’m happy to be having a break from another gruelling session of chemo, but I want to have the chemo to fight the cancer.

When we got home I noticed my hair was still falling out a lot, as it was all over the pillow I was using.

Tomorrow I will be buying clippers and doing the dreaded shave. But for now it’s off to bed for the nightly chat. 

Love Laura,



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