Day spent at what seems to be my second home..

I woke up and was sick, one minute I was dreaming and the next I was thrown back into reality by throwing up..Sam snapped into action with with sick bowls and water! He is my angel waking up to that and jumping to action.

It’s chemo and CT scan day today, I can already feel it’s going to be a long day. It was a struggle getting ready to leave for the hospital with waves of nausea hitting every few minutes, with bowl in hand we left dreading the day ahead.

We got to the chemotherapy suite and the nurse informed us that there had been an “error” and my chemotherapy wasn’t ordered.. I was due to have my chemo at 12pm so we had to wait for it to be made up. They started my pre meds at 2.10pm and my chemo finally arrived at 2.30pm. I sat waiting being hit with hot sweats throughout the wait. My chemo was rushed due to my CT scan being booked in for 3pm, we got to the appointment at 3.50pm.

On arrival to the CT scan we were told they were having delays.. I managed to have my scan at 4.30pm so it wasn’t to bad. I was anxious but at least it’s done and we only have a few days to wait for the results.

We left the hospital in the dark and it was miserable weather, spending the day in hospital is draining both mentally and physically – we couldn’t wait to get home.

We went straight to bed as my body was really hurting from head to toe, unfortunately more morphine was needed and within half an hour luckily it took the edge off. Sam was in pain also, his arthritis has really been painful the last few days and my heart breaks for him a little that he does so much and never complains when he is also in pain, my heart swells even more for him when he struggles so much.

Love always x


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