A draining day..

I woke up feeling horribly sick again. I went straight into the toilet and couldn’t stop heaving, although nothing was actually coming up, I was stuck in the bathroom unable to move, it still really hurts just to wretch over and over again. Sam gave me my anti sickness medication, and sat down for half an hour with me on the bathroom floor, to let it kick in before taking my other meds. It was another horrific morning. I was hoping that this chemo side effect would wear off but it hasn’t yet so apologies for repeating myself in every blog.

Before I could get downstairs, the district nurse arrived to drain my chest drain, which happens twice a week currently. Today one of the training nurses did the drain, which was fine, but kept tugging the drain from inside me, not a pleasant feeling at all. Sam did his usual float around and make inappropriate jokes, which has become the norm now and the nurses are used to him (if not a little fond of him).

After the nurses did the drain, my friend Susie arrived. She helped Sam tidy up a bit before Sam went out to run one of his many errands. Then it was left to me and Susie to do the tidying, I tried the best I could but I just can’t do these things anymore, even though I really want to (which is strange because before I was ill I NEVER wanted to do these things). The reason we are tidying is because we are moving in less than a month and we are trying to make things as stress free as possible when moving and if all the things we don’t need every day are already packed, it’ll make our lives so much easier. Within half an hour of starting I had to go to bed as I really wore myself out trying to help Susie. I was so tired and my whole body ached, not only from the chemo but also from the drain earlier in the day, as I can feel my lung re-expanding and the crackles of air around it,It’s an awful sensation.

When Sam came back, he woke me up and we chatted about his day, but I was so tired I just kept falling back asleep whilst Sam talked. I finally came round and needed morphine for the pain then I was able to chat to Sam and Susie, we even managed to have a giggle. We then had some dinner and watched TV. It was only for an hour though, as I was so tired again. Me and Sam headed to bed and he did his usual antics of dancing around and making me laugh, the power of laughter is sometimes amazing and I don’t think I will ever take it for granted again.. I hope tomorrow feels a little better….

Love Always x


6 thoughts on “A draining day..

  1. I hate to read that you’ve had another bad day, I really hope for you to get a break as its so hard being ill & not being how you used to be. Sending big hugs to you & your lovely Sam xxx


  2. I hate to read that you’ve had another bad day, I so want you to have a break from this. Sending a big hug to you & your lovely Sam xxx


  3. I hate to read that you’ve had another bad day, really want you to have a break from this. Sending big hugs to you & your lovely Sam xxx


  4. Hi Laura, I read your blog everyday. You are so strong and inspiring. Keep fighting. Sending you lots of good thoughts and best wishes💛😊


  5. Hey Laura, it looks like you have great friends around you. Be strong, you are an inspiration to many people, you will soon beat this. Thinking of you, take care, adriana


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