Being well enough to blog..

Hi Guys

I’m back at last, well I think anyway, I’m getting there may be the best way to describe it. The last few days or it may even been a week since I last posted I have been incredibly unwell, I might even go as far to say its the worst I have felt since leaving hospital.

It started with the nausea that led to full blown sickness that led me unable to keep any of my tablets down and more importantly my pain medication down. I felt paralyzed by both the sickness and pain battling each other. Days were spent bedridden struggling even to hold even a conversation with Sam, I know these last days have also taken a massive toll on Sam but he as always has handled the situation with love and humor.

On Monday the district nurse came as usual to do bloods, Picc line and drain and we went through how the sickness has effected me and she said that we should of called and they would of come to give me an injection to help…we had no idea, we were already using three types of anti-sickness medication and thought we had run out of options. Within half an hour the nurse came back with the injection and administered whist teaching Sam how to give the injection also. Within the hour I had relief, the first sense of relief I have had in what had felt like a very long time. The only downside was the injection causes drowsiness so within the hour after that I was asleep, however it was worth it because at last I could take my pain relief.

I didn’t realise how drastically my health would change daily but now I’m coming to understand that I need to listen to my body more. With that being said, I will still try for daily blogs as that was always what I set out to do, although I may have to miss a day or two sometimes, I will always post as soon as I’m well again as this blog means so much to me and being able to connect with so many people.

Thank you for your patience and love

Love Always x


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