Rt3 weeks of hell

Hey guys!

I’m back 😊

The last three weeks I think I can honestly say have been the hardest of my journey so far.

They have been absolute hell and it was starting to feel like it would never end.

Everyday I woke up and was sick, and had horrible tummy problems and sometimes inncontance because I was too poorly to move.

The pain was unbearable due to not being able to keep medication down.

I had sleepless nights, spent days crying from early evening till the sun came up.

I was exhausted because I never got a break. I had countless hospital appointments, countless home visits from nurses and doctors – just to get my symptoms under control.

I’ve had so many medication changes and Sam has had to give me painful injections. 

I spent many days just trying not to give up.

Eventually the doctors gave me my first blood transfusion and things started to change. 

I had a little more energy to fight the sickness and pain. 

Then the doctors managed to get the right medication combinations to manage the pain and sickness – at last a relief

3 weeks later and after losing a stone in weight, I was starting to feel OK again.

My muscles started to waste again and I was incredibly weak but I could hold a conversation, enjoy a drink and even have some nutella on toast.

 I had a second blood transfusion and I got another boost this week. The hope is this contiunes and I continue to get stronger and continue with the chemo and continue fighting.

I’ll need to start building my muscles and learning to eat again.

 It’s another fresh start but I think we finally are managing all those bloody chemo/cancer side effects.

 All I can say is thank God for morphine!

Love Laura,



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