The doctor explained that she was sending me for a CT scan on my brain.

I was confused and didn’t understand why this was happening.

She explained that due to my chronic fatigue and sickness they just wanted to scan my brain to make sure everything was OK.

“I’m sure we will find nothing to be concerned about,” she said.

But all I felt was dread.  They don’t send you for brain scans for the sake of it.

So I was wheeled up to the CT scanner and had a brain scan.

I returned after my scan to the oncology unit and met with the doctor again.

She had decided to put my chemo on hold due to the treatment making me so poorly.

It was decide that they wanted to change my treatment plan completely and we were sent home in a daze with no real idea of what would be happening next.

The next day we got a phone call. Sam answered and we were asked to come and see my consultant within the hour.

We arrived and sat down with the consultant – I knew instantly something was wrong.

“Your cancer has spread to your brain” they said.

I sat there, blank, not knowing what to say,

I was numb whilst the consultant explained what we needed to do next – start radiotherapy as soon as possible to try and control the cancer in the brain,

“It won’t get rid of it but it’s possible to stop it from growing,” they said.

All I could say was: “OK, OK, OK.”

So the new plan consists of 5 radiotherapy treatments on my brain, 1 radiotherapy treatment on my back – then we meet again to discuss the next steps which will include more chemotherapy and other treatments including injections in my bones.

It’s a blur.

But all I know is that I have to be strong to fight this.

I now have cancer in my chest, spine, bones, ovaries and brain.

All I can say is that’s enough now, no more!

We walked out of that meeting and both cried. I think we were more in shock than anything else but it passed and this news has made us more determined than ever to fight this cancer..


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  1. So sorry to read this, after the fight you’ve been putting up, you well & truly deserve a break! I’m sure you’re strength is halting this going any quicker & wish you continued strength to keep on fighting. Hopefully the change in treatment might not make you so poorly from side effects.
    Stay strong & take care xxx


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